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How J Dilla humanized his MPC3000

There’s a halo of reverence around J Dilla, a producer and beatmaker from Detroit who made some of the most fascinating and influential beats in hip hop history. Before his early death in 2006, J Dilla worked with countless artists and producers – from Erykah Badu and Janet Jackson to Busta Rhymes and Madlib – and developed an off-kilter style of rhythm and sampling that transcended the machine he used to create music, the Akai Midi Production Center, otherwise known as the MPC. Spotify Playlist created by Okayplayer:… Brian “Raydar” Ellis’ music: Further reading: Compiled list of Dilla samples: Redbull Music Academy:… Don’t Cry breakdown:… Why J Dilla May Be Jazz’s Latest Great Innovator via NPR:… Waajeed breaks down Dilla samples:… History of the MPC:… Some songs don’t just stick in your head, they change the music world forever. Join Estelle Caswell on a musical journey to discover the stories behind your favorite songs. Check out the entire Vox Earworm playlist here: