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Breakbeat Lou – Boiler Room Collections(Rich Medina)

Along with his partner in crime Lenny Roberts, Louie Flores (aka Breakbeat Lou) is the man responsible for the quintessential series Ultimate Breaks & Beats, a veritable Bible for all beatmakers, crate-diggers, as well as any and all hip hop fans interested in finding “the source.” The 25 volume series and its iconic logo has always been synonymous with the sound of hip hop, an archive-in-progress and the closest definitive list of its kind, preceding all of today’s online “short cuts” and becoming the blueprint for so many iconic records and legendary producers. However, as famous as the series has been through the decades, not many people know enough about Lou’s story- one of the most genuine and generous figures in hip hop history. A true disciple of the culture’s early Bronx infancy which he first got involved in at the precocious age of 9, Lou has carried this giving spirit through the years with this seminal gift to all producers and diggers across the world, and today by sharing his treasure trove of knowledge with us on this special Collections episode. From his world-famous 45s collection, to insight into the late 70s and early 80s park jams, his love and respect for Bambatta’s legacy, and more, Lou sits down with another notorious digger, DJ and vinyl expert Rich Medina for a time-traveling history of UBB and its numerous tentacles.